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Hi! I’m Dusty, a registered dietitian/nutritionist. I've spent a good portion of my life learning about food, growing food, experimenting in the kitchen, and checking out new foods whenever I can, so the path to being a dietitian/nutritionist was the perfect fit for me.

I’m constantly learning and making adjustments to my own life and practice based on my personal experiences and the latest research in nutrition. I hope to encourage others to listen to what their body is telling them and make positive changes to support themselves for living good and feeling their best.


work with me

Looking to work 1-1 with a dietitian? I work with clients of all types of goals and concerns no matter where you are in your health journey. I can meet you where you're at and support you in reaching your goals.  I take an integrative approach to nutrition that includes plant-based eating - because plants are amazing.


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